TRIO services a global clientele with needs as varied as the artwork we create.   Whether an elaborate  museum installation, or a banner needed the same day, we tailor each interaction to the unique needs of our clients.

Production Designers.   Art Directors.   Set Decorators.   Prop Masters.   Costumers.         Construction Coordinators.  Interior Designers.    Architects.   Event Planners.                     Studio Theatrical Print Buyers.   Charitable Organizations.   Rock n Roll Roadies.             Other Print Houses.   Photographers.    Advertising Agencies.    Retail Stores.                   Home Owners.   Lighting Designers.    Marketing Gurus.

Young…  old…  in-between.

West Coast…  East Coast…  Cote d’Azur.

Experienced-and-confident…   or…   New-and-trembling.

Those with a complete, fixed vision…  and those who arrive with a scribbled note.

Well-cushioned-budget…  or…   Working-with-the-last-few-dollars

We tailor our approach to each client’s specific needs and experience level – we’re easy to work with, have a passion for collaboration, and we enjoy each new project.

Welcome to Team TRIO!



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